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Winter Break: 17/18

Hiking around Red Rock Open Space in Colorado Springs, my hometown. 1/6/18

Hiking around Red Rock Open Space in Colorado Springs, my hometown. 1/6/18

Welcome to the New Year everyone! 

Everyone makes resolutions when the ball drops and the calendars cartwheel into the next year, and this is mine. I revamped this entire website with the help of my brother and we (hopefully) breathed some new life into this endeavor. My resolution is to write more about my life and my experiences and share the brutal honest truth about what it is like to be me and what my adventures consist of, and also accurately document all of this with my lenses. It's so easy to hide behind a keyboard and pick the best photo from a trip and say that everything went perfectly and life is so happy and great. Sometimes, that is definitely the case, and those are the days we are all searching for, of course. But this is life. And in life, there are going to be many days that are just okay and many others that are frustrating and slow. I hope to write once a week and delve into these feelings, but also how I am trying to be positive and find the adventure throughout days and weeks that seem mundane, finding the balance in my entries that attempts to embody the balance I am working towards in my life.

I am on the precipice of a brand new adventure in my collegiate career: school without the demands of a Division I sport (I am washed up but without washboard abs which seems unfair). It is daunting thinking of all of the free time I will have without having practices and lifts and a full class schedule on my plate, but I am so excited to utilize this time to explore my hobbies more. These include photography (duh), finding a new type of exercise that will keep my attention and burn enough calories so that I can keep eating as much as I want, reading the piles of books on my shelves, and getting back into playing guitar. If you have any suggestions for work outs, new books, or other things I need to try around the Twin Cities, please email (and accompany) me!

2018 feels like a pivotal year, one where we can begin to turn the tides towards a brighter future where we are all equal and valued and respected. Let's start with our inner circles and love on everyone close to us to the best of our abilities, as this is the easiest way to create long lasting change. If people in your circle feel wanted and important, they will want to make others in their circle feel the same, and this ripple effect will have outcomes we cannot even see nor imagine.

Let's get to work.


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