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Victory Photography

Summer Seventeen

Glasgow, MT

Here it is! Summer blog: Part II. Today, Derrick and I set off on another whirlwind adventure, this time with us navigating instead of pilots. We hopped in the Jeep (we named her Kelly, as all cars in the Burnett family receive names) and drove her 800 miles (over 11 hours) across all of North Dakota to a small town in Northern Montana: Glasgow. Not quite as cool as the other Glasgow Derrick and I adventured two years ago, but still full of character.

Our drive was full of a lot of boring, flat farmland, so when we came across this unique suspension bridge arching across the North Dakota/Montana border, we jumped out and had to investigate. To be honest, I didn't read the whole wooden sign explaining who built this and why, but I did catch that whomever built the bridge named it after Lewis and Clark, as they traversed this path across the Missouri River on their epic journey. 

We started off the road trip with the perfect blend of music from Pop2k on Sirius radio... the jams that my brother and I grew up on switched from Eminem to Sheryl Crow and everything in between, and made the first portion of the trip pretty easy. However, we needed a change in audio and Derrick had heard about a new podcast, S*Town, from the makers of the extremely popular podcast, Serial. We flipped it on and quickly got immersed in a new story about a strange, red-headed genius in a tiny town in Alabama. Without revealing too many spoilers, the series depicts a backwards rural town where crimes get covered up by the local police and many injustices are left unsolved. It was intriguing and enveloping, all the things that make the time pass quicker on miles of pavement. Everything was great, until we hit our destination: rural small town USA. Glasgow is nice, but just felt a little ominous (due to all of the stories we had been listening to all trip), as depicted by this old furniture store next to where we ate dinner.

The night was saved by a pizza (as the best stories are) that came from a restaurant where the dough is thrown so high that it hits the ceiling, as noted from the mass of flour clouds all over the 20 foot hight rafters. Devoid of splinters, the cheesy goodness definitely hit the spot. We are sleeping in a newly renovated hotel while the trains whistle by, as we await our second leg of the trip tomorrow that will take us all the way into Canada. Updates all along the way, along with a whole bunch of new pictures!